Website Review

A website review will tell you exactly what the problems are. We will give you advice and recommendations on everything from navigation to copywriting.

Each review is unique, we don't rely on any templates - we simply spend a lot of time looking through your site.

The detailed report is usually 4-5 pages long, and covers the following areas..

- the message conveyed
- the general appearance
- pushing the sale
- navigation
- clarity
- the overall impression
- recommendations

General IT

Direct access to our knowledge and experience. Whether you're looking for a one-time solution, an ongoing arrangement, a written report, an exchange of emails, a phone call or a face to face meeting, the Consultation Package can provide you with exactly what you're looking for.

What can you use this time for?

- A new product seeking to maximise exposure and/or ROI
- Confused by the range of available options
- Increase market size for your product
- An established company wishing to further develop their potential
- Considering Google AdWords, facebook or other
- Improve search engine visibility
- Limited budget and want to spend wisely
- Generous budget and wanting to maximise ROI
- Increase the retention of their website visitors
- A good product that needs to "get out there"
- Guidance on web log analysis
- Marketing questions
- How to save money
- How to grow and expand